President & Coxing Captain Joshua Blake










 Women's Captain Arianna Cox                                 Men's Captain Rhys Williams 












                    Women's Vice Captain Lotte Hondebrink           Men's Vice Captain Adi Ravindrakumar            






      Treasurer Matt Feuer                                  Secretary Jenna Armstrong                         Webmaster Astrid Godfrey












     Women's Lower Boats Captains

                                          .                  Christie Patel                                                 Phoebe Penfold                                                       











Men's Lower Boats Captains

        Elias Forneris                                                Patrick Rericha    












        Sponsorship Officer                              Welfare Officer                                 Fairbairn's Secretary

        Sam Lachmann                                 Eoghan Butler                                   Casey Shepheard












Social Secretaries

Heather Jones                                          Tamy Jithesh












Head Coach and Boatman

Jonathan Conder


Matthew has been rowing at JCBC for six years. He has previously been on the committee as Lower Boat Captain, Vice Captain and Fairbairn's Secretary. This year he'll be taking care of the club's finances.

Jenna is in the 2nd year of her PhD in Physiology. She rowed with the women’s first boat last year, and she is looking forward to experiencing in her first May bumps!

Astrid learned to row at JCBC in 2018. Since then, she has graduated, studied the law conversion course, and has decided to return to Jesus College for her MPhil in Medieval and Renaissance Literature. She will be running all of the club's social media over the next year.

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Casey learned to row at JCBC and has competed in all women's divisions of Fairbairns, including two winning W1 crews. After last year's cancelled event, she is looking forward to bringing Fairbairns back to the river, better than ever.


Patrick found his passion for rowing when he joined JCBC in 2021. He's currently organising novice men as one of the LBCs. When he's not rowing Patrick is in the lab pursuing a PhD in Stem Cell Biology and Medicine.

Elias is a first year PhD student in History. He learned to row last year during his MPhil and made it to the June Eights Regatta with M3. Elias looks forward to his first Bumps and to finally taking his crews to BUCS!

Tamy is in her third year of Natural Sciences and noviced in her first year. She has previously been a lower boats captain and is looking forward to organising many many socials this year!

Heather is a third year Medical student who coxed in first year before switching to rowing in 2020. She’s excited to carry on organising many more excellent socials such as swaps and the covid safe pizza in the park (see pic) in her second year as social sec.


Sam is a third year astrophysicist who started rowing in his first year. In June 2021 he was part of the successful mixed crew in the eights regatta. As sponsorship officer this year he hopes to ensure rowing remains free for all Jesuans for many years to come.


Rhys is a third year Engineering PhD Student.  He learned to row at Jesus, and finished off last year rowing for M1 in the bumps replacement reggata. He aims to lead a mens side where members see time spent rowing as being complimentary to their degrees - be that as a stress relief, a chance to push themselves, or whatever reason for each member. So that we can build a strong team that can win races.


Christie is a third year Natural Sciences student, who started rowing in her first year. Last year she rowed for W2 and the mixed crew X1. She’s looking forward to getting to know the novices next year as one of the women’s Lower Boats Captains.

Josh started coxing as an undergraduate at JCBC, eventually progressing to cox W1. His favourite part of the boat club is the bond you form with your crew. After finishing his undergraduate degree, Josh continued at Jesus as a PhD student, and now researches statistical models for the COVID pandemic.

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Adi is a third year economics student who joined the boat club in his first year. As vice captain he looks forward to helping Jesus move up the bumps rankings and getting everyone kitted out in sweet boat club stash!


Arianna is a third-year mathematics student. She learnt to row on the Thames at sixth form, rowed in W2 when she joined in her first year and is now part of the W1 crew. She has had a brilliant time so far, training hard, racing and most importantly forming amazing friendships. She is looking forward to building a fun, strong and successful women’s side this year.

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Eoghan is a fourth year Engineering student. He learnt to row at Jesus and has rowed in M4, M1 and X1 (a mixed crew). He’s excited to help uphold the incredible culture and energy we have in the club.


Phoebe is a 2nd year Geography student. She learnt to row in summer term last year and ended up racing in the W3 crew.  As LBC she's looking forward to meeting new people this year and helping get people into rowing.