President & Women's Captain Poppy Hill










Men's Captain Chris Saner 












       Women's Vice Captain Amber Parsons                   Men's Vice Captain Jakub Priban            




Treasurer Joshua Blake                              Secretary Casey Shepheard                       Webmaster Mark Lawrence












Women's Lower Boats Captains

Grace Copeland                                                      Callie Smith                                                 Astrid Godfrey       











Men's Lower Boats Captains

Oliver Normand                                                   Ivan Ivanov                                                   Dan Cochrane    












        Coxing Captain                                            Fairbairn's Secretary

      Olivia Emily                                                   Matthew Feuer











Social Secretaries

     Ella Inwald                                             Anna Vassiliades












Head Coach and Boatman

Jonathan Conder


Josh has been has been coxing at JCBC for three years whilst studying Computer Science. He was previously Coxing Captain.

Casey learned to row at Jesus and is now in the 2nd year of her PhD. She organises our race entries, but more importantly is in charge of our termly dinners.

Mark is in his second year of his PhD at Jesus, having learned to row at school. He is in charge of this website, as well as the Instagram and Facebook accounts. Please ask him about how things were in the Good Old Days.

Matty F.jpg

Matthew's tasked with organising the annual Fairbairn Cup - the largest race on the Cam apart from Bumps! He learnt to row at the club and is now going into his fifth year with JCBC. He's previously held the position of Lower Boat Captain and Vice Captain.


Dan noviced last year at JCBC. His love for the novices is matched only by his addiction to Huel and the 2 seat.

Ivan started rowing in his first year and then progressed to the lower boats, finishing the year by being part of a successful Mays campaign.

Ollie noviced last year, and then followed it up by having a successful Mays. He will oversee the training of the novice men’s and those in the lower boats.

Anna noviced last year and rowed in the lower boats throughout the rest of the year, She really enjoys what a great community JCBC is and how much fun we have and is excited to continue and facilitate that this year!

Astrid is a third year English student. She started rowing last year and rowed for W3 in May Bumps. This year she's hoping to continue rowing and also to begin coxing and is really looking forward to welcoming a new group of novices

Grace is a second year MML student and last year managed to progress from a novice to rowing in W2 for May Bumps. She can’t wait to start working with the novices, particularly those who’ve never had the chance to discover a sport like this. I hope I can provide a friendly northern face for you all!

Ella is in her third year of Natural Sciences and learnt to cox and row in her first year. She’s coxed mens' side for nearly two years and is excited to run events which show how much fun rowing can be!


Olivia took up coxing last year and steered M2 in both the Lent and the May bumps. Now one of the more senior coxes in the club, she looks forward to leading through this years campaigns!


Chris learned to row with Jesus and is now in the final year studying AMES. He is in charge of guiding the men’s crews up the bumps charts this year.


Callie is a 2nd year geography student who progressed from being a novice in the first term of last year to W2 in May bumps. She is excited to welcome a new group of novices and to help them have fun learning to row!

Poppy learnt to row at Jesus in her first year and has competed in our third, second and first women’s boats. She is a third year Classics student, and previously oversaw novice training as an LBC. She is looking forward to leading the club and women’s side this year and excited for what it will bring!


Jakub learned to row at Jesus and is now a 3rd year CompSci. On his agenda this year is to make M2 great again and to ensure that everyone is well stocked up on that sweet stash.


Amber is a 2nd year NatSci student. She rowed with the second boat throughout last year and is looking forward to now organising the crew to some successful bumps campaigns.