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A victorious W1 infront of the burning of the boat
Credit to Aiden Chan 

June 23, 2017

May Bumps 2017

​Many congratulations to all of our crews who competed in this year's May Bumps campaign.

This campaign brought particular success to our W1 crew who not only retained headship but have secured double headship after also reaching headship in the Lent Bumps this year. In celebration and in keeping with tradition, the club burnt a boat which the crew jumped over at our tri-annual Boat Club Dinner

March 24, 2017

Lent Bumps 2017

Well done to all of the crews of JCBC who competed in the Lent Bumps campaign.

After much hard work, we are delighted that W1 have become Head of the River as the best women's boat on the Cam. A tremendous feat. 


W4 were the first W4 crew in 25 years for JCBC and the first of any college in a decade to 'get on' and compete in Lent bumps.

June 04, 2016

May Bumps

Congratulations to all our crews and everyone who came down to support this May Bumps.

Particular well done to M3 who bumped each day and bladed this year!

M1   0   0   0   0             W1   0  +1   0   0

M2  -1   0   0  +1             W2  +1   0   0   0

M3  +1/0  0/+1  +1  +1    W3  +1   0  -1   0

M4  -1   0  +1  -1

M5  -1   0   0  +1

March 20, 2016

W1 at the Henley Boat Races 2016

On Saturday 19th, Jesus W1 travelled to Henley as the top Cambridge women's college crew to race Christ Church, their Oxford counterparts, over a 1750m course as part of the Henley Boat Races.


The crew faced difficult conditions with a strong headwind and choppy water off the start, and struggled to find their rhythm, allowing Christ Church to move away to clear water over the first half of the race. Conditions eased once the crews rounded the slight bend in the river after Upper Thames, but it was too late for W1, with a final margin of 4 lengths to Christ Church.


Video of the race is available here, courtesy of Aaron Sims:

March 20, 2016

Head of the River Race 2016

The Jesus men travelled to London to race in Head of the River Race - the largest head race of the year, over the Championship Course on the Tideway.


JCBC entered a composite M1 and M2 crew, starting 217th after 3 years absence from the race.


The crew performed well, finishing 134th with a time of 19:53.28 - the boat club's best result for 10 years. This placed them as the 4th Cambridge college behind Lady Margaret, Pembroke, and Clare.


This provides a good platform for the men's squad for the coming May term.

March 06, 2016


We are pleased to report on another good outing for the JCBC women's squad in the Womens Eights Head of the River yesterday in London.


W1, with 2 subs from the Lent Bumps Headship crew, put down a strong performance and finished in 56th. We were top placed Cambridge College, and seconds ahead of the entry from Tethys Oxford (Oxford womens Ligtweight Squad)


W2 had 1 change from the crew that raced extremely well (though slightly unluckily) in Bumps. They placed a very impressive 139th (in the top half) and were 6th out of 16 in the Cambridge College rankings, and some seconds ahead of Christ's, Emma, Caius and LMBC.


It was a freezing day but great racing from both crews and hopefully a good experience for everyone involved!

February 28, 2016

Lent Bumps Day 5 & Final Results

Big thanks to everyone who came to watch the crews this week, and congratulations to W1 on their headship!


M3 rowed over, after closing on Trinity Hall M2.


W2 rowed over after all the crews ahead of them in the division bumped out.


M2 had another great row, rowing over ahead of Corpus M1, denying them blades.


W1 finished their headship campaign with another great row, denying Downing W1 the chance to get anywhere near them, and becoming the first Jesus Women's Lents headship crew since 1987


M1 completed their week with a strong row over ahead of FaT M1.


M1   0 -1 -1  0                         W1  +1 +1  0  0 Headship

M2  -1  0  0  0                         W2  0 +1 +1  0

M3  +1/0 0/+1  0  0                W3  0 +1  0  0

M4  +1  0 +1 +1

M5   0  0  0  0

February 26, 2016

Lent Bumps Day 4

The penultimate day of bumps saw some more strong performances from Jesus.


W3 rowed well and moved up on Darwin W2. But Darwin were impeded by crews ahead and so were awarded a technical row over before W3 got the chance to bump them.


M3 had another great day. A bump ahead meant they had to go for the overbump on Wolfson M2. They were overlapping at the finish but just missed out.


W2 had an excellent row bumping Emma W2 just after Grassy corner. This makes them the highest placed second boat.


M2 again rowed over again holding Darwin off convincingly.


W1 looked strong rowing over at head.


M1 were bumped by LMBC just after the railway bridge.

February 25, 2016

Lent Bumps Day 3

Day 3 had lots of strong performances including W1 bumping to headship!


Again it was a good row over for M5. M4 put in an excellent start and bumped just before first post corner. They are rowing very well and looking much stronger than the other boats in their division.


The third boats had a day off. W2 had a great row from station 8 to bump Sidney Sussex W1 before first post corner.


M2 held off early challenges from Darwin M1, just as they did in May bumps last year. Then they made a challenge on Wolfson M1 ahead, closing to a length at the railings and a third by the finish.


W1 had an excellent row again, bumping Christ's at the railings, and moving to the Headship station.


M1 were caught just after Grassy by Pembroke having closed to a length on Downing by the top reach.

February 24, 2016

Lent Bumps Day 2

Today was a great day for Jesus!


M5 rowed over looking strong and steady behind Selwyn M2. M4 were unlucky to miss out on a bump as crews ahead of them bumped out.


M3 had an excellent row at the head of 4th division. As sandwich boat they bumped Magdalene M3 in 90 seconds. They move up to division three and have a well deserved day off tomorrow!


W3 rowed incredibly well, bumping Cats 2 at first post corner. The second boats had a day off. M1 rowed over in third.


And W1 were stroke perfect from the gun, bumping Emma on Grassy to move up to second in division 1!


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W1 celebrate Headship at Lent Bumps 2017
Credit to Matthew Sharp
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