The JCBC boathouse is one of the largest on the River Cam and occupies an enviable position next to the Goldie Boathouse, the home of CUBC.


It was fully refurbished in 2013 to incorporate new changing rooms and showering facilities, bicycle storage, workshop, office and ergo room exclusively for college use. Refurbishments over summer 2018 have improved the boat storage. In the College grounds, there is a gym with dedicated weight training and cardiovascular training equipment.

The fleet is second-to-none, with a total of 20 boats.


The Men's 1st eight row in the Chris McDouall, a 2018 Filippi, and the 2nd eight row in the Steve Fairbairn, a 2013 Filippi.


The Women's 1st eight row in the Sally Adams, a 2021 Filippi, while the 2nd eight row in the Ian White, a 2016 Filippi.

There is also a strong fleet of small boats, including three Filippi Men's pairs (2005/6). The small boats fleet was greatly expanded in 2020. In January each year, a subsidised training camp takes place in Mequinenza, Spain for the for the top twelve men and women, and four coxes in the Club.