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Photo: Peter Minning


Dan Cochrane

JCBC President & Men's Captain 2020-21


Dan Chochrane

(President and Men's captain 2020-21)


Hi, I'm Dan and I'm this year's JCBC President and Men’s Captain

I’m a third-year chemist and like most of our members, learnt to row at Jesus.

JCBC is the largest society at Jesus, with four or five men’s crews and three or four women’s crews each year.

We are historically the most successful Cambridge college boat club, and consistently live up to this great pedigree. Our women’s side have dominated college rowing in recent times, winning Fairbairn’s last year and looking to regain headship in both Lent and May bumps from second on the river.

The men’s side are keen to follow the women’s lead and win both on and off the cam this year, with a senior squad eager to boost the standings in bumps in particular.

The JCBC boathouse hosts an impressive fleet of boats, including high quality racing VIIIs and IVs, and our recently expanded our collection of small boats, which are kept in top condition by our full-time Head Coach and Boatman, Jonathan Conder (JC). The boathouse is also home to our erg room and crew room, which contain our rowing machines, indoor bikes, dumbbells and stretching mats. 

We are very lucky to have a team of dedicated coaches, led by JC, many of whom have experience rowing and coaching the university crews. We provide excellent coaching to both the higher and lower boats creating great depth of ability within the club. The vast majority of our members learn to row at Jesus, so don’t be afraid to come along and try it.

There are many opportunities in the year to take part in off-Cam races (Henley, BUCS, Bedford head to name a few) and even go on our annual camp, which normally takes place in Spain.

The team focussed nature of rowing at Jesus leads to a friendly and supportive atmosphere, with a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and athletic abilities represented. There are plenty of social events to meet people in and out of college and each term ends with a black-tie Boat Club Dinner (BCD), followed by a trip to Spoons. 

This year is obviously a bit strange with COVID-19, and a lot may be different, but the committee are dedicated to ensuring that we can row and socialise as much as is safely possible.
If you would like to join or have any questions email me on



Jesus College Boat Club (JCBC for short) is the College’s own rowing club. At Jesus, we’re lucky enough to have our own boathouse, which is less than 10 minutes’ walk from college. 
JCBC is the biggest society in Jesus, the vast majority of whom learnt to row at Jesus. In this sense it’s a great sport to try out, and each year we teach about 60 people to row/cox from scratch. It’s a great place to learn lots of new faces and make some good friends with people that aren’t necessarily in your staircase or doing your subject.
There are a large variety of races: races especially for people in their first term of rowing, the Jesus organised ‘Fairbairns’ and the ‘Bumps’ races, where crews set off in a line, trying to catch the boat ahead without being bumped from behind.
We have a strong social calendar, including intra- and inter- college swaps and Boat Club Dinner (termly black-tie formals after the big race of the term).